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iBurn for iPhone
For all the times you want
to set your phone on fire
See how pinch-to-zoom turns into pinch-to-boom.
Let it burn.
Launch the app, choose a picture, swipe your finger over it and see (and hear) your iphone/ipod touch go into flames.
Swipe and watch out.
Launch the app before giving your iPhone/iPod to someone and tap Pick a foto from Library.
Pick a pictures that you would want to show. Tell them to pinch to zoom or any other action that would involve them moving the fingers across the screen.
What it does?
As soon as the fingers are lifted from the screen the image will turn into flames.
The selected image will stil appear in the background. The fire has also a crackling sound.
To stop the fire press the Home button on your iPhone / iPod touch.
Make it better
You can capture a screenshot of your iPhone / iPod Touch to set as a background for a fire. Capture for example the locked screen image.
To make a screenshot on the iPhone press and hold the "Home" button (center bottom of the iPhone) and then press and release the "Sleep" button (top right of the iPhone). This will cause the iPhone screen to flash white briefly and the image will be added to your "Camera roll" library.

After you do this start the app and select the screenshot. For the iPhone locked screen you can swipe your fingers to unlock. Instead of unlocking the flames will appear again.
Again to stop the fire press the Home button on your iPhone / iPod touch.
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